In 1631, the first settlement was attempted in Delaware by Dutch traders led by Captain David Pietersen de Vries. By 1632 the party had been killed in a dispute with the local natives.

In 1639, Peter Minuet (who also settled New York), led a group of Swedish settlers to the Delaware River area funded by the New Sweden Company. It was these Swedish settlers that brought the log cabin design to America.  In 1655 the Dutch gained control of the land from the Swedish. 

The Swedes were encouraged to explore and settle Delaware in hopes that they would find vast trade and profits for the New Sweden Company.  The mostly Quaker settlers were able to find many industries for trade and profit.  Delaware became involved in tobacco and other crops, fishing, lumbering, ironworks, and shipbuilding.

Here is an example of the log cabin design used by the Swedes in Delaware

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