This website was created by Stephanie Giola, a sophomore at Boston University.  Ms. Giola is a Secondary Social Studies Education major in the School of Education and a Political Science major in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The website was created for Ms. O'Hara's 5th grade class at the Alcott School in Concord, Massachusetts.

The website is designed for educational purposes, specifically to provide a comprehensive review of the 13 Original Colonies.  It is designed to accompany a lesson plan which follows the Massachusetts 5th grade social studies framework.  Please see the full lesson plan by clicking here for more information.  

Students will be able to use this website to find the important facts about each of the 13 colonies, learn about regional characteristics, and take a knowledge assessment.  After looking through this website students should have an understanding of the differences and similarities between various colonies and what factors affect these differences.  
Please do not hesitate to contact the ED101 account with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

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