South Carolina was the site of the first European settlement in North America. In 1526 San Miguel de Guadalupe was established by settlers from Hispanolia who initially landed in South Carolina but ended up moving to an area that would eventually become Georgia. 

In 1663, King Charles II created the colony of Carolina by granting the territory of what is now roughly North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to loyal supporters. After Viriginia complained about the massive Carolina Charter, South Carolina separated in 1729. 

South Carolina in 1729, was founded by eight nobles and was lead by William Sayle and Sir John Yeamans who were searching for trade and profits. 

The Protestant South Carolina settelers were able to find profit through agriculture.  They relied on crops such as tobacco, rice, cotton, and indigo in addition to cattle, timber, and fur trade.

Notice when the borders between North and South Carolina and Georgia were drawn.  Compare the size of the modern states to the size of the Carolina Charter in 1663 and 1665.

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