Test Your Skills

1.  What religion were the settlers of the New England colonies?
      a) Catholic
      b) Puritan
      c) Quaker
      d) Presbyterian
      e) Buddhist 

2.   Which colony did not rely on fishing as part of their economy?

       a) New England
       b) Middle
       c) South
       d) Both A and C
       e) None of the above all colonies used fishing

3.  Which of the following crops were most important in southern colonies?
      a) Corn
      b) Wheat
      c) Tobacco
      d) Cotton
      e) Both C and D

4.  Why did New England colonies face challenges to farming?
      a) Rocky and hilly soil
      b) Cold winters with lots of snow
      c) Warm summers
      d) Both A and B
      e) Both B and C

5.  What was the nation
al origin of settlers in the New England and Southern colonies?    
      a) German
      b) Dutch
      c) Swedish
      d) Chinese
      e) English