Hello 5'O!

You are about to go back in time to explore the Thirteen Original Colonies!  You already know what became of the colonies by 2011, so hang on as we return to the 1600s to explore the characteristics of the colonies back then.

Congratulations!  You have survived treacherous seas, cabin fever, and time travel; you have now arrived in the New World!  
Click on the tabs to learn about the regions of the thirteen colonies.  If you scroll over the tabs for each region, then you can click on the colonies of each region from the drop down menu to learn more information about the founders and features of each colony.  Explore this website to learn about the colonies and compare their differences!

Pay special attention to see if you can figure out why certain colonies had more economic and societal success than others.
Click on the image above once to listen to a song about the thirteen colonies. While you listen to the song see if you can locate each colony on the map above.  Once the song is finished try label the colonies on a map of the East Coast by remembering how the song goes (look at the lyrics or replay the song if you forget some!).  


New England colonies, New England colonies,
Massachusetts, New Hampshire
Connecticut, Rhode Island
Middle Colonies
New York, New Jersey
Pennsylvania, Delaware
Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina
Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina
Georgia, oh don't forget Georgia 
oh oh oh, Georgia